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Powder coating according to your needs ...

High quality powder coating
MIM Construction AB provide both good service and high quality powder coating. Customers may choose from a number of "standard colors" or pick their own, unique color. Our modern and efficient facility combined with trained staff is an insurance for good performance at reasonable price.

MIM Construction shall, through continual improvement always be the obvious choice.
We paint small or large, few or many parts with short lead times.

The maximum size of coated goods is approximately 2400 x 1400 x 750 mm.

If desired, it is possible for us to arrange transport of goods after completion of painting.
Eco friendly and durable surface
  • Powder coating contains no harmful solvents.
  • Excess powder is recycled immediately in the process.
  • Powder coating has high mechanical durability and chemical resistance.
  • Different degrees of corrosion protection can be provided by different types of the treatment

Welcome to MIM!
Unique production know-how combined with the capacity, flexibility and personal service.

"The products shall be delivered on time and with a quality in line with customers needs and expectations! "

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Göran Larsson
Production Manager


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