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Midsummer competition, compete for a Rollmat!

Partitipate in our photo competition and try to win a Rollmat of a value of 339 SEK. A Rollmat is a good protection for the rear bumper, when your dog (or any other load for that matter) is placed in the car.

How to compete? Simple, take a photo with one of our products in focus and add a slogan in connection to the picture. The slogan should be safety related and be clever, funny or have a punch.

To partitipate, send a photo and a slogan by email to info@mim.se with the subject "Competition", note your name and address in the email. Last day for the competition: 30th of June. A jury will decide the winner, and the criteria will be best picture and "slogan" in combination.

The jury consists of Esbjörn Schönberg, Fredrika Trollmyr, Sandra Lichtenberg, Sandra Isaksson and Timmy Svensson, all co-workers at MIM Construction AB. The winner will be notified directly by email and presented on our webpage www.mim.se. The winner will be announced on Thursday, july 3.

By participating in the competition you allow MIM Construction AB to publish your name, your hometown and the rights for us to publish your material on the internet and to use it for marketing purposes. Co-workers at MIM Construction and their relatives are not allowed to compete in the contest.

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