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Crash Tested products
Our safety nets are used to protect humans and animals. The net is a protective barrier against the load in the car and must be able to withstand the enormous forces generated in a collision. Even simple items such as a drink bottle can be a deadly item if they are thrown forward from the boot in a fairly innocuous collision.

MIM 's safety nets are crash tested and approved by TÜV according to European Standard ECE R17 . The sample corresponds to a crash at 50 km/h and when tested the net shall not loosen or be deformed too much. Our safety nets belong to one of the few brands having passed the test. If your vehicle is equipped with side curtain airbags, the net is designed to let the airbags do their work and not preventing them to do so.

MIM cargo net is strength tested to SMS 2562 and fulfils the requirements of TSVFS 1978:9 . The protective effect applies to the whole area between the floor and ceiling. The test is made on a random selected point on the net. The point is pressed for at least 10 seconds with a force equivalent to 0.3 times the vehicle's maximum load. As a result the net shall not deform more than 200 mm or break.

SPCT (Safe Pet Crate Test)
MIM Variocage dog crates are crash tested at SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, an independent test center.

SPCT shows if the cage is sturdy enough to withstand collision without opening or in other way become a hazard to the animal or human passengers. MIM Variocage dog crates meet both requirements.

SPCT 120201_eng (pdf)

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