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Company / History

Designs and manufactures safety since 1986
It started with some rally fantasts who needed their vehicles strengthened.

The cheapest and best way to do it was doing it at home on the farm. Tubes were bent and welded and strongholds were made.
The more crashes the more experience of material and dimensions.

The solutions were noticed by larger circles. More and more people wanted help with their vehicles and soon it was more than just a hobby.

MIM started 1986. “Safety” became the key word.
It has been the guiding star in the company development as well as product and personnel development since the start.

Today, MIM is a high technology ISO certified company that delivers safety accessories to many of the world’s leading car manufacturer.

We also manufacture interior and safety details for special vehicles and safety crates for dogs.

»Variocage« and Mimsafe are registered trademarks.

MIM Construction AB - designing and manufacturing security since 1986
Myren 125, SE-462 94 FRäNDEFORS, Tel: +46-(0)10-5500450,